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Andrew Kent

Founder & CEO

About Andrew

Andrew began his IT & T career in Canada with an Electrical Engineering degree and as a Graphic Systems Engineer for Litton Systems in 1984.

After moving to Australia he became one of the founding members and architects of OzEmail which grew to be the largest ISP in Australia and held the role of Chief Technology Office until 1999. Following the acquisition of OzEmail by US multi-national UUNet, Andrew held the role of Managing Director Asia Pacific.

In 1999 Andrew founded MessageCare which became a successful SPAM filtering platform which was subsequently acquired by WebCentral. As part of the acquisition Andrew joined WebCentral as Chief Technology Officer, a role he held until 2004.

In 2006 Andrew founded Spry Business Technology Solutions which has developed into a very successful IT Managed Services and consulting organisation. Andrew is located in Sydney , Australia

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